Valenwood is the southwestern-most province in the Tamriel mainland, and home to the Bosmer. Home to the most dense and lush forestry in Tamriel, it is known for its beautiful scenery. It, at one time, was a sovereign nation, but is now under the control of the Thalmor.
Valenwood map Oblivion

A map of Valenwood.


Valenwood is located at Tamriel's southwestern tip. It is bordered to the east by Elsweyr and to the north by Cyrodiil,and to the west by the Gold Coast.


The first Bosmer made a pact with the deity Y'ffre to never destroy their forest homes. Valenwood is unique in the sense that no man-made settlements are there, only cities within the trees that grow there. The province used to be in turmoil, with conflicts such as the Five-Year War occurring, until it was ceded to the Aldmeri Dominion. Tiber Septim then gained control of the province, until the Fourth Era, when the Thalmor regained control of the povince.


Valenwood is known for its lush, dense forests that grow throughout the province. There is little needs for roads, as traversing the forests is an easy task for the Bosmer, although there are undeveloped trails throughout the forests. A small portion of Valenwood also includes marshy swamplands.

An example of the dense forestry within Valenwood.


Along with lush forests, there comes humid climate. There is so much dense fauna that it requires an excess of rain for them to grow, although in some places there can be milder climate.

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