Skyrim is Tamriel's northernmost province and home to the Nords. It is known for its unique wildlife, ancient crypts, and frigid climate.
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Map of Skyrim.

Location Edit

Skyrim is the northernmost province of Tamriel. It is bordered on three sides by High Rock- to the west, Cyrodiil- to the south, and Morrowind- to the east. It is bordered by the Sea of Ghosts on its northern side.

History Edit

During the Merethic Era, a legendary Atmoran leader named Ysgramor, led an expedition from Atmora to the land that would later be known as Skyrim. They called the land Mereth, in recognition of the vast number of Mer that lived there. It was the first region of Tamriel to be settled by humans, who migrated there from the land of Atmora in the far north, across the Sea of Ghosts. According to legend, Ysgramor landed first at Hsaarik Head, at the extreme northern tip of Skyrim's Broken Cape. It is said that he and his companion were fleeing the civil war in Atmora, which at that time had a sizable population.However, Ysgramor and his followers were not the first to come to Tamriel, the continent that Skyrim is located in. Humans had already occupied parts of Tamriel, which included the proto-Cyrodillians, the ancestors of the Bretons, the aboriginals of Hammerfell, and a vanished Human population of Morrowind. The Nords were just one of the ancestors of the Nedic peoples, and were the only ones who failed to find a peaceful relations and accommodation with the Mer who already occupied Tamriel.

The Atmorans settled the area that would come to be known as Winterhold hold; they eventually built a city in the region and called it Saarthal. For a long while, relations between the Snow Elves and the Atmorans were relatively peaceful.

However, the Snow Elves saw that the Nords, with their much shorter life expectancy, fast rates of physical maturation and expedient reproductive cycle, would eventually overtake them if left alone. The Snow Elves raised Saarthal in an effort to wipe out the Atmorans.

Many conflicts arose throughout the centuries, coming to the Second Dragon War. It entails the events that unfold in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. That is when Alduin returned to Tamriel, and when the Last Dragonborn defeated him in the Fourth Era 201.

Geography Edit

Skyrim is a land of lush forests, frigid tundras, and mountain ranges. Skyrim is home to the largest mountian in Tamriel, the Throat of the World. Skyrim's northern region includes large expanses of tundra. It's southern, eastern, and western borders include long mountain ranges.
Skyrim tundra by darkhorses90-d4tnh27

Skyrim's Tundra.

Climate Edit

Skyrim is well renown for its extreme cold temperatures. Although not all of the province includes vast tundras, most of the province includes very cold to cooler temperatures, and the climate stays the same year-round. This is due to the lack of axial tilt on Nirn and the absence of seasons.

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