Elsweyr is a province of Tamriel, known for it's diverse land formations and rich culture. It is also the home of the Khajiit.
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A map of Elsweyr.


Elsweyr is located between the provinces Cyrodiil, to the east, and Valenwood to the west.


According to the Khajiit, they were first envisioned by Fadomai, the first cat, who bid Azura to create a new race in her own image. Some reports state that the Khajiit have been in Tamriel as early as the Merethic Era. In the second era, a central government was created, merging Anequina and Pellitine into one kingdom. They called it Elsweyr, from a Khajiiti proverb along the lines of 'perfect society is always found elswhere.' This did not last very long, but the two monarchs agreed to assert all governmental power to 'The Mane,' a spiritual leader chosen by the alignment of Masser and Secunda at his/her birth. In the Fourth Era, the Thalmor conquered Elsweyr, dividing it into two regions: Anequina and Pelletine.


In Elsweyr's northern region, there is a desert of sorts. To the south there are lush forests reminiscent of Valenwood. Elsweyr is known for its diversity in regards to geography.


Elsweyr is known for its tropical climate, not too hot or cold. It has generally mild weather year-round.

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